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Steps in Time
Movement, Dance and the Recorder 2005

Steps in Time is an international residential music festival which will be held in January 2005 in Armidale, New South Wales. It is expected to attract over 500 people from all over Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA, UK and Europe. Held over an 8-day period, it is easily the largest wind instrument workshop festival held in the Southern Hemisphere. The structure of the Festival, with 3 days of workshops and concerts, a day-off, followed by 3 more days of workshops and concerts provided an effective scheme to combine musical activities with relaxation. During the day-off, participants are presented with many options to explore the region, with a number of day-trips offered, including: a City Tour; Waterfall Way tour; Trout-fishing; Horse Riding; White Water Rafting and Fossicking.

This is a festival for all ages from young children through to 60+ and for players of all standards. It is designed to encourage whole families to participate. Previous festivals have attracted participants from a broad cross-section of the community: 45% professionals from all occupations, 40% students and 15% retirees.

Steps in Time focuses on the recorder, but has a theme of movement and dance. It will therefore include workshops and classes on Historical Dance (Renaissance and Baroque); Multicultural Dance (from Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe and the British Isles); Indigenous Dance (Aboriginal, Maori and the Pacific Islands) as well as Movement including Joga, Tai chi, Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique. Community programmes will cater for children, family and youth.

It is organised by Orpheus Inc., organisers of the landmark festival The Call of the Four Winds held in Armidale January 2000.

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