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From Stress to Freedom

Subtitle:   a revolutionary method of well-being perfect for our times
Author:   Kingsley, Anthony P.
Publisher:   AmSAT Books
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Part I (28 minutes) introduces the principles of the Technique and covers subjects like the head-neck-back relationship, the force of habit, false sensory awareness and inhibition and direction. It features interviews/demonstrations by Sir George Trevelyan, Kathleen Ballard and Sue Thame. In the second part (19 minutes) Anthony Kingsley demonstrates how to apply the Alexander principles to the semi-supine and standing/sitting. Sue Thame talks about breathing and Sir George Trevelyan demonstrates how the Technique can be applied to speaking.
Readers Comments  
Anthony Kingsley presents a two part programme which looks at the Frederick Alexander techniques for relieving stress.
Suffering from back pain I went to my GP who advised me to consider the Alexander Technique to improve my posture. I decided to obtain this video in order to gain an insight as to what it was all about. The program is very carefull not to show any actual techniques, but rather explains what The Alexander Technique seeks to achieve and how it goes about it. Having seen t...
Weight: 330 gr
Pages: 47 m
Edition: DVD
Published: 01.01.1990
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