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The Alexander Technique: Solutions for Back Trouble

Subtitle:   Changing your life by changing your posture
Author:   Kosminsky, Jane / Hurt, William / Caplan, Deborah
ISBN:   B00006BT57
Publisher:   momentum pictures
status:   in stock, new
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This illuminating video (PAL) offers specific and practical guidance in how to help you keep your back healthy and free from pain by using the Alexander Technique. It includes a brief review of the Alexander principles and clear instruction in how to use these principles in the activities of everyday life. Deborah Caplan, a certified Alexander teacher and physical therapist, covers lifting and carrying packages, the proper way to work at the computer, how to avoid a "Back Attack" and what to do for your back when you sneeze!
Created for the lay person, Solutions for Back Trouble is equally informative for a medical community that is seeking information and alternative solutions for its back patients. Ms. Caplan spent over 35 years working in and with the medical community - her
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Weight: 280 gr
Pages: 150 Min
Edition: Video Tape
Published: 25.03.2002
Height: 205 mm
Width: 125 mm
Thickness: 30 mm
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