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The Alexander Technique Solutions for Back Trouble

Author:   Caplan, Deborah / Hurt, William
ISBN:   B0000507QK
Publisher:   The Balance of Well-being
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The Alexander Technique Solutions for Back Trouble

A Lesson with Deborah Caplan, Master Teacher and Physical Therapist

Introduced by William Hurt. Special Feature: a talk with Judith C. Stern - The Alexander Technique and Physical Therapy

his video has just been reissued in DVD form. It includes a talk by Judith C. Stern, an Alexander Technique teacher and a physical therapist. Judy tells us why, after working with back patients as a physical therapist for 18 years, she decided to train as an Alexander Technique teacher.

"My chronic low back pain was related to slouching? As lessons showed the connection, the pain gradually went away Ñ The Technique is true education."
Ñ John H.M. Austin
MD, Professor of Radiology,
New York, NY

This illuminating video offers specific and practical guidance in how to help you keep your back healthy and free from pain by using the Alexander Technique. It includes a brief review of the Alexander principles and clear instruction in how to use these principles in the activities of everyday life. Deborah Caplan, a certified Alexander teacher and physical therapist covers lifting and carrying packages, the proper way to work at the computer, how to avoid a "Back Attack"and what to do for your back when you sneeze!

Created for the lay person, Solutions for Back Trouble is equally informative for a medical community that is seeking information and alternative solutions for its back patients. Ms. Caplan has spent over 35 years working in and with the medical community Ñ her students are people like you Ñ a grandmother, a dancer, a lawyer and a photographer.

"I think I have given my students a powerful tool to help themselves. I have taught them what to do and not do when their backs give them trouble, and how to reduce unnecessary stress and pain."
Ñ Deborah Caplan

Deborah Caplan, physical therapist and certified Alexander Technique teacher, founding member, The American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT), member, The American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT), author of Back Trouble (Triad, 1987).

Judith C. Stern, physical therapist, certified Alexander Technique teacher, a director, The Eighth International Congress of Alexander Teachers in Lugano, Switzerland (2008), member ACAT: member AmSAT.
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Published: 20.12.2000
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