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Enjoy Butterfly - A Shaw Way to fly, DVD

Subtitle:   Based on the Alexander Technique
Author:   Shaw, Steven
Publisher:   Art of Swimming
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= 53,68 CHF = 58,1 AUD
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Have you ever wished you could swim butterfly but felt it impossible? Well its never too late to learn to fly! Butterfly, the most beautiful and graceful of strokes, is within your grasp. Butterfly is not the hardest stroke to learn, nor does it require unusual upper body strength or gymnastic training. Discover how to apply Alexander Technique principles and transform this stroke into an effortless and graceful reality.

The Shaw Way to Fly takes the viewer through a series of easy to follow progressive steps enabling you to:

Have fun learning to move like a dolphin
Improve flexibility and mobility of the spine
Strengthen and broaden muscles of the back
Develop core stability
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Weight: 100 gr
Pages: 50 min
Edition: DVD
Height: 194 mm
Width: 157 mm
Thickness: 15 mm
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