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Teaching Breathing

Subtitle:   Results of a Survey
Author:   Rootberg, Ruth
Publisher:   Self Published
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About the Editor Ruth Rootberg, Editor, BA, MA, MM, MEd, is a designated Linklater voice teacher and Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CMA). She will complete training with Missy Vineyard to become an AmSat certified Alexander Teacher in June 2003. After studying two summers in Toga, Japan, Tadashi Suzuki gave her permission to "share her knowledge" of his work. A professional actress and singer, Ms. Rootberg's credits include operatic roles with the Zurich Opera and St. Gallen Opera (Switzerland), The American Medieval Players, and Northwestern University Opera Theatre (Chicago). She has also coached German pronunciation and sung professionally with the Chicago Symphony Chorus and Grant Park Symphony Chorus. Theatre experience includes Court Theatre, Drury Lane South, and the New Haven Film Festival. In addition to her singing and acting credits, Ms. Rootberg has performed as a puppeteer and clown. Ms. Rootberg taught voice and speech at Northern University of Illinois, The Theatre School, DePaul University, Center Theatre, and Shakespeare & Company. While Assistant Professor of Voice at the Yale School of Drama, she coached numerous shows for the Yale Repertory Theatre. She has presented workshops in Chicago, New Haven and South Africa (SAPVAME 2000). Her peer-reviewed article, "Moving Towards Vocal Center," was published in the inaugural edition of the Voice and Speech Review (2000). Her exercise integrating voice, breath and text is published in The Complete Voice & Speech Workout, edited by Janet Rodgers (2002). About the Assistant Editor Marth Munro, Assistant Editor, has a Masters in Theatre Voice, is a Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CMA) and a Certified Lessac Teacher. She has attended several workshops on Alexander and Feldenkrais and, mainly through VASTA, has been exposed to the work of Linklater, Rodenburg, Fitzmaurice, etc. By the time this is in print, Munro would have (hopefully) handed in her PhD. investigating Lessac's Tonal NRG and Leino's concept of the Actor's formant in female voices. She is currently teaching at the Pretoria Technikon, South Africa where she is leader of an interdisciplinary research project entitled: "Computer Aided Voice Training." She conducts workshops on body/voice integration for actors and singers and body integration for musicians. She is Chair of SAPVAME (South African Performers' Voice and Movement Educators) and Associate Editor of the Voice and Speech Review. She is also a member of VASTA and SASTR. She directs for musical theatre and does voice and movement coaching. Marth believes in finding the organic processing in the body and using that as the core of all voice and movement work.
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This monograph is based on a questionnaire completed by thirteen voice teachers: Christine Adaire, Barbara Adrian, Eric Armstrong, Michael Barnes, Marina Gilman, Jane Heirich, Mary Howland, Ellen Margolis, Marth Munro, Lise Olson, Natalie Stewart, Phil Timberlake, and Lynn Watson. Marth Munro is also Assistant Editor.
I want to commend Ruth for compiling this volume. It is the beginning of a long-needed examination of the language used to describe inter- nal sensations and adjustments related...
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