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Evolution of a Technique

Subtitle:   The Stages of F.M. Alexanders Investigation
Author:   Kettrick, Catherine
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F.M. Alexander was, of course, the first person to use the Alexander Technique. He did not use it when he began his lengthy investigation into the causes of his vocal problems however, because it was from the hypotheses he made, and the experiments he did to test his hypotheses that he gradually developed his technique. Indeed, his understanding of what his problem was and what he should do to solve it changed dramatically from the beginning to the end of his investigation. The following is a synopsis of his investigations as he describes them in the first chapter of The Use of the Self.
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Stage One (The Beginning of Primary Control)

Before he began his investigation, Alexander had made two observations: (1) He only lost his voice when he performed, not when he was speaking in everyday conversation, and (2) his voice improved when he rested it, and had medical attention.

Because he only lost his voice when he performed, he reasonably believed that he was doing something different during performance. He set up a mirror to observe himself while he spoke, and while he performed. At...
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