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Collected Writings on the Alexander Technique

Author:   Jones, Frank Pierce
Publisher:   Mouritz, London
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This definitive compilation of Jones's work includes 21 scientific papers as well as Jones's superb introductory and humanistic writings on the Alexander Technique. It also features seven previously unpublished papers from the Jones Archival Collection at Tufts University.
Frank Pierce Jones conducted research on the Alexander Technique at the Institute for Experimental Psychology at Tufts University from 1949 until his death in 1975.
In 1949, with the encouragement of the educational philosopher John Dewey, Jones embarked on a 26-year scientific-investigation into the Alexander Technique. Using various methods such as multiple image photography, electromyography, and X-ray photography, Jones sought to demonstrate the scientific validity of Alexander's discovery of a "primary control." The results of his investigations, collected for the first time in this volume, comprise the most comprehensive scientific body of research on the Alexander Technique to date, as well as Jones's classic introductory papers on the Technique.
Published by Alexander Technique Archives, Massachusetts, USA, May 1999.
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