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Beginning From the Beginning: The Growth of Understanding and Skill

Author:   Goldberg, Marian
Publisher:   Marian Goldberg Publications
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is a fascinating exploration of how the Dart Procedures and other developmental work can be used to increase understanding of the Alexander Technique, from clarifying key principles and concepts to improving "hands-on" teaching skills. The book also covers less well-known information about the development of the Dart Procedures, including Alex and Joan Murrays' collaboration with world-renowned anthropologist Raymond Dart, and addresses common misconceptions about the Procedures. The first half of the book consists of interview text; the second half consists of over 150 photographs illustrating topics discussed in the text, including the Dart Procedures, developmental movement, and direct applications of the Murray/Dart developmental approach to learning and teaching the Alexander Technique.Beginning from the Beginning is recommended for Alexander Technique teachers, teacher-trainees, and serious students of the Technique who are familiar with the Dart Procedures.
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Weight: 330 gr
Pages: 106
Edition: ringbound
Published: 01.11.1996
Height: 279 mm
Width: 216 mm
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