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Practising Poise with the Alexander Technique

Subtitle:   An audio-cassette to help learn to stay centred and stress-free in an increasingly demanding world
Author:   N.N.
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Anyone using this tape should benefit, if they take time and a thoughtful approach. It provides a valuable reminder in your daily practice of the Alexander Technique.
For those who are having, or have had lessons in the Alexander Technique, this tape may help them to develop the skills to further their quality of inner integration and ease of movement, which characterises Good Use of the Self.
You can not learn the Alexander Technique from a tape! Good teaching, plus persistence, patience and application over time are needed to bring not only the benefits in functioning that are possible, but also a sufficient grasp of how these improvements
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Play Side 1 Sitting to - Stay comfortable, stress-free and productive: at your desk, in the car, or in any sitting application.

This side of the tape can help you:

* get comfortable when sitting
* avoid neck or back problems,
* avoid exacerbating existing conditions
* stay centred, focussed and productive
* while commuting in the car, or on longer trips,
* sitting at work,
* as a touchstone in your music practice
* in any hobby or pastime that involves sitting

Side 2 Lying Down - A ...
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