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Published Research Booklet

Author:   AmSAT Marketing & Public Relations committee
Publisher:   AmSAT Books
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This booklet of published research on the Alexander Technique was created by the AmSAT Marketing and Public Relations committee. It was initially offered to the membership at the 1997 Annual General Meeting. There are eight article reprints on the topics of stress management, chronic pain, postural re-education, respiratory functioning. The articles included are by: Karen Fisher, Judith Stern, Michael Nielsen, Deborah Caplan, Frank Pierce Jones, John H.M. Austin and Pearl Ausubel, and Samuel Reiser. This compliation of research emphasizes the positive relationship between the study of the Alexander Technique and one's health and general well-being. It is specifically aimed at the professional medical community, an introduction to the Technique for physicians.
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Pages: 69
Edition: booklet
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Width: 212 mm
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