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Mind and Muscle

Subtitle:   An Owner´s Handbook
Author:   Langford, Elizabeth
ISBN:   9044122673
Publisher:   Garant Enterprises,1st edition
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Mind and Muscle is a wonderful book that fills an enormous hole in the Alexander Technique literature. Mind and Muscle takes the reader through a fascinating exploration of the way our bodies work, gives us a firmer grasp on the physiological basis for movement, and challenges our preconceptions about our bodies as we move through space.

Elizabeth Langford ends each chapter with a series of experiments the reader can try out to more fully understand the concepts being introduced in the book. She successfully has created a book that is both an introduction to the Alexander Technique and a book of value to teachers with decades of experience.

As she says in the first pages of the book, "what I hope to do throughout this book is to clear away some misunderstandings I often encounter in the course of teaching people how they can move more efficiently. The information I shall give may not necessarily fit in with ideas you already hold or with what you have been told up to now, but I am sure it is consistent with what is so far known about the workings of our bodies."

Elizabeth Langford was born in London and educated at Bruton School for Girls, the Royal College of Music, and the Constructive Teaching Center, London. Langford is a professional violinist, and a pioneer of the use of the Alexander Technique in music education. She presently lives in Belgium.
Readers Comments  
STAT News - Journal of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique - January 2000.
This is a substantial book... clear, lively and well expressed... does not settle lazily for the easy oversimplification... will repay careful reading and re-reading and enrich your understanding... I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand more about how the bodymind works and how its functioning can be improved.

VIGoureus - Journal of VIG, the Flemish Institute for Health Promotion - March 2000 ...
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Published: 01.01.1999
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