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How are We Living our Lives

Author:   Laub, Grethe
ISBN:   8789389115
Publisher:   Novis
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Interview and talks 1982-1988. Viewpoints on the Alexander Technique in relation to living and child education.
GRETHE LAUB (1911-1996) was born in Denmark, and trained as a nursery school teacher at the Froebel Institute in Copenhagen between 1933-35. Thirty years later, between 1962-1965, she trained as a teacher of the Alexander Technique in London. As a person and teacher she was very much loved and appreciated in both of her professions and has been a source of inspiration for many.

ÒHow are we living our lives?' covers a lot of ground. It is an account of GretheÕs story, and of the highly significant experiences she gathered from both her professions, an account that gradually evolves from the personal to
the general and greater theme of living and child education. The book contains valuable insights for both the pre-school teacher and the teacher of the Alexander Technique.
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Weight: 330 gr
Pages: 152
Edition: Paperback
Published: 03.10.2006
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