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A randomised factorial trial for patients with recurrent and chronic back pain of GP exercise prescription, the Alexander Technique and massage (ATEAM trial

Author:   Little, Paul
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Principal investigators: Professor Paul Little (MRC Clinical Scientist, Southampton University), Professor Debbie Sharp (Professor of Primary Care at Bristol University and senior MRC HSRC researcher)

Alexander Technique experts: Dr Kathleen Ballard and Frances Oxford
Other members of the trial management team: Maggie Evans, Dr George Lewith, Dr Peter Smith, Dr Jackie Brown, Prof Lucy Yardley, Fran Webley

INSTITUTION University of Southampton and University of Bristol
FUNDING Medical Research Council and NHS Support for Science
DATES Start date: November 2001, Expected finish date: 2005
SUMMARY OF PROTOCOL The principal research questions to be addressed in this trial are:
1 What is the effectiveness for randomly selected NHS patients with chronic and recurrent back pain of:
a. introductory (6 lessons) or longer (24 lessons) courses of AT
b. massage therapy
c. GP exercise prescription in a free setting with a nurse follow-up appointment
2 What is the cost-effectiveness of these interventions compared to normal GP care?
A secondary aim is to assess how much of any benefit gained from attending AT lessons and learning and applying the AT in daily life is due to taught and learnt skills rather than to the unavoidable placebo effects of skilled hand contact, individual attention and encouragement from the teacher.
An experimental group of 550 patients with recurrent and chronic back pain will take part in the trial. The trial will be conducted in several areas of the UK.
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