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The Back Alive Advantage Audio CD

Subtitle:   It is a Simple, Effective, and Affordable way to help you help your back.
Author:   Singer, Daniel & Kosminsky, Jane
ISBN:   2975730172
status:   in stock, new
Price:   11,00 Euro  = USD = GBP
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Readers Comments  
"Whether you are suffering from back trouble or wish to avoid it, the Back Alive Advantage offers superb help."
Sharon Parish, MD

"Alexander Technique lying-down work is a key element in the rehabilitation of the injured back or spine and an essential tool for maintaining a healthy back."
Judith Stern, Physical Therapist and Alexander Technique Teacher

"Immensely valuable for everyone with or without back pain. This CD is truly a gift!"
Deborah Caplan, Physical Therapist and Alexander Techni...
Weight: 90 gr
Edition: Audio CD
Height: 110 mm
Width: 150 mm
Thickness: 8 mm
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