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The Art of Working Out

Subtitle:   Fitness Through the Alexander Technique
Author:   Shields, Andrew & Balk, Malcolm
ISBN:   1853981443
Publisher:   Ashgrove Press
status:   unknown
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The authors of The Art of Running take the Alexander Technique into the gym in a completely new approach, encouraging new exercisers to "think in activity, " to gain mental as well as physical benefit from their workouts, and regular exercisers to "pay attention" to how they are using their bodies.
In this large-format book, containing many personal testimonies and accounts and detailed illustrations, they cover warming up and the major stretches, weight training (free weights and machines), exercising to music (aerobics, cardio-kick, step), and the use of bike, treadmill, step equipment, and rowing machine. They also explain how Alexander can be applied to the growing number of holistic activities -- such as tai chi and yoga -- now offered as part of fitness programs.
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Pages: 160
Edition: Paperback
Published: 30.05.2005
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