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The Art of Swimming: A New Direction Using the Alexander Technique

Author:   Shaw, Steven & D´Angour, Armand
ISBN:   1853981400
Publisher:   ashgrove publishing Ltd.
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"Its a brilliant book for anyone who cant access your courses"- Eileen Raptis (August 2006)

Whether you are a novice or experienced swimmer, Master the Art of Swimming offers a radically new approach to swimming. Steven Shaws method takes the Alexander Technique into the swimming pool, promoting optimal body alignment with minimum strain on the joints. Rather than prescribing how fast or far you should swim, the emphasis is on symmetry and the quality of the experience. Unlock your potential and swim with power, ease and efficiency.

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step progression of all four strokes
Dry land practices to reinforce new patterns of movement
Fitness swimming without strain
Comprehensively illustrated with under water images

This book has helped me in overcoming my fear of water which was due to an incident that happened to me in my teens.I have wanted to swim for many years and now with the help of this book I am gradually getting there. It covers aspects that are not covered by everyday swimming instruction. Very informative and practical a book that you will read more than once and refer to in the future.

A new path to swimming for both the aquaphobe and swimmer
This book has helped me discover the physical and psychological reasons for my long standing fear of swimming. It clearly sets out step by step the technique that Steven Shaw has developed using the Alexander Technique to overcome the reflex actions that create the panic and rigidity which inhibit freedom of movement in water. It is also very informative for those who are not terrified of water, but who have problems which they seek to overcome. Beautifully illustrated and full of sound advice.
Readers Comments  
This excellent book brings the Alexander technique into the swimming pool. I urge all doctors, nurses and patients to read it. It will change your approach to illness and its management. Dr. Laurence Gerlis
Weight: 480 gr
Pages: 168
Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.04.2001
Height: 234 mm
Width: 154 mm
Thickness: 8 mm
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