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The Art of Running with the Alexander Technique

Author:   Balk, Malcolm / Shields, Andrew
ISBN:   185398132X
Publisher:   ashgrove publishing Ltd.
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The Art of Running is based on the proven principles of the Alexander Technique, which encourage good use of the body and greater awareness of the way it functions.The authors show the reader how to achieve and maintain fitness without injury and how to overcome self-imposed limitations to enjoyable and successful running. Copiously illustrated, The Art of Running can transform both training and performance of novice and experienced runners alike
Based on the established principles of the Alexander Technique, this book takes readers through a method detailing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of safe, efficient and effective running.
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A pioneer in electricity and rival of Thomas Edison, Tesla invented the modern induction motor and built the Niagara Falls Power Project. Yet he died a recluse, claiming to have discovered an inexhaustible source of energy whose power could be tapped and transmitted around the world without loss. The author, an English physicist living in Canada, was asked to investigate, and this is what he found.
Weight: 340 gr
Pages: 144
Edition: Paperback
Published: 03.08.2000
Height: 215 mm
Width: 174 mm
Thickness: 9 mm
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