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Master the Art of Working Out

Subtitle:   Raising your performance with the Alexander Technique
Author:   Balk, Malcolm / Shields, Andrew
ISBN:   1843403501
Publisher:   Collins & Brown
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Although gym membership is on the increase, the way people actually exercise in the gym is rarely correct and frequently causes injury. Activities that should be pleasurable and fulfilling often end up being frustrating, can cause injury or are simply regarded as boring. Often the desired effects are not achieved due to bad technique.

Master the Art of Working Out teaches us how to approach our gym workout in a new and refreshing way. We are encouraged to look at working out as an art rather than just a means to an end. Balk and Shields have developed a way of improving a gym workout using the principles of the Alexander Technique. This simple method promotes coordination, balance, posture, the importance of the relationship between the head neck and back, body awareness and efficient body use. The book teaches that if you focus on what you are doing and all these things are done properly, then the workout will achieve the desired effect.

The author look at all aspects of gym exercise including resistance training, using gym machines, fitness classes including aerobics, step, pilates, yoga and Tai chi. The book has illustrations showing the wrong and right technique.
About the Author
Malcolm Balk is a mastersŐ athlete and former head coach of Concordia UniversityŐs track and cross country programmes. Malcolm now teaches the Alexander Technique in Montreal, Canada. Andrew Shields is Sport and Health Editor of Time Out London magazine, and the author of four books including the best-selling The Lad Done Bad: Sex, Sleaze and Scandal in English Football. He has twice been runner-up in the British Sports Journalism Awards. A former nationally ranked triple jumper, he now competes in masters' events.
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Edition: Paperback
Published: 25.01.2007
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