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How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live

Subtitle:   Mastering Your Self and the Mind-body Connection With the Alexander Technique: Learning the Alexander Technique ... Mind-body Connection and Master Yourself
Author:   Vineyard, Missy
ISBN:   1600940064
Publisher:   Nation Books, Marlowe & Company
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Book Review by Jon Lightbourne
Over six or seven years I have collected just about every AT book in print.
This book stands out for me as being completely unique.
I have learnt to withold judgement on the quality of AT books because the process of learning from the author is not an immediate thing for me.
However in the case of this book I have already found new and interesting ways of thinking and I am rather excited by it. The thing for me that is really rather unique about this book is that M...
Weight: 550 gr
Pages: 336
Published: 28.05.2007
Height: 226 mm
Width: 178 mm
Thickness: 23 mm
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