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Body Mapping for Flutists: What Every Flute Teacher Needs to Know About the Body

Subtitle:   The Practical Application of Body Mapping & the Alexander Technique to Making Music
Author:   Pearson, Lea
ISBN:   1579995004
Publisher:   Gia Publication Inc.
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Based on the book What Every Musician Needs to Know about the Body by Barbara Conable
Cant get enough air?
Unhappy with your technical ability?
Do you have a sore back, an aching neck, or hand problems?
Body Mapping for Flutists promotes injury prevention and enhanced performance through increased awareness of body mechanics. Certified Andover Educator and flutist Lea Pearson offers students and teachers easy to understand solutions to common body alignment problems. The illustrations throughout also help you formulate your own body map.

With Body Mapping for Flutists, you will learn:
Proper balance when sitting or standing
Correct arm position and movements
Free and supported breathing
Anatomical explanations for how the body works
How to train your kinesthetic sense
The importance of efficient movement for musicians
Practical exercises
Readers Comments  
Lea Pearson, flutist, holds a DMA degree in flute performance from the Ohio State University. She was a 1998 Fulbright Scholar at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, where she studied flute performance from an Alexander Technique perspective with Liisa Ruoho. She has studied with Barbara Conable for many years and is a certified Andover Educator. 
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Pages: 109
Edition: self-published
Published: 01.12.2006
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