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Planet Medicine - Origins

Author:   Grossinger, Richard
ISBN:   1556433697
Publisher:   North Atlantic Books
status:   unknown
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This has a section on Alexander and discusses it in the context of other somatic systems.
The broadest and deepest revealing I've seen of what medicine is and how we as a species have come to practice healing arts and sciences, taking into consideration the entire repertoire of knowing we currently employ and do not (universally) employ - the rational and the pre or post or non-rational modes of knowing, at times called empiricism. This book has engaged me in not just its subject matter, but has invoked in me a reassessment of what I am doing with my life, and what I should be doing with my life. An ever present undertow of the text is the sustained consideration of what it means to be conscious and to
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Weight: 456 gr
Pages: 656
Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.01.2001
Height: 234 mm
Width: 188 mm
Thickness: 41 mm
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