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The Undivided Self: Alexander Technique and the Control of Stress

Author:   Dimon, Theodore, Jr.
ISBN:   1556432941
Publisher:   North Atlantic Books
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Outlining the basic principles of the Alexander TechniqueÑthe objective of which is to gain conscious control over one's actionsÑThe Undivided Self challenges the concept that mind and body are interacting systems. Dimon argues that a unified concept of mind and body is necessary for becoming fully conscious of action and behavior. Once we become aware of damaging patterns, we can learn to break these habits and establish a new, beneficial approach to health that will help control and prevent anxiety, pain, and distress.
A guide to preventing stress by changing the mental and muscular habits that cause tension. Experienced teacher Theodore Dimon, Jr. outlines the basic principles of the
Readers Comments  
Based on Alexander's discovery of "use," the author argues that a unified concept of mind and body, in contrast to other mind/body theories, points the way to a truly educational approach to health based on conscious prevention and control. The book begins with the author's narrative account of how he arrived at his theory, and concludes with a review of mind/body techniques. Forward by Walter Carrington. [220 pages, pb, illustrated with drawings and diagrams, 1999, North Atlantic Books]*
Weight: 438 gr
Pages: 100
Edition: Paperback
Published: 29.01.1999
Height: 229 mm
Width: 153 mm
Thickness: 19 mm
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