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Groundworks: Narratives of Embodiment

Author:   Johnson, Don Hanlon
ISBN:   1556432356
Publisher:   North Atlantic Books
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Groundworks is the second in the series of Somatics texts edited by Don Hanlon Johnson. Groundworks gives accounts of the actual processes of working with individuals in six major schools of Somatics by either the creator of the method itself or a leading teacher of the method. The creators are Robert Hall of Lomi School, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen of Body-Mind Centering, and Emilie Conrad of Continuum. Leading teachers include Michael Salveson on Rolfing, Elizabeth Beringer on Feldenkrais work, and Darcy Elfman on Alexander Technique.
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Weight: 450 gr
Pages: 200
Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.03.1997
Height: 234 mm
Width: 175 mm
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