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How to lose weight and gain money

Subtitle:   A program for putting your life in order
Author:   Schapera, Vivien
ISBN:   0970980957
Publisher:   FourWinds Academy Press
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Page Chapter
001 The Link Between Weight and Money
017 Whats Your Story?
047 Where Are You?
057 Where Are You Headed?
085 How To Change
105 Changing the Direction of Your Journey
125 How To Change 2: Energy
145 Will You Reach Your Destination?
165 Keeping Life in Balance
175 Appendices
Readers Comments  
Thge book is an insightful book the first insight coming in Chapter One, where Schapera and Logan make a case for the link between the two issues of weight and money management. In plain language and in their own friendly voices, the authors walk the reader through a series of assessments and processes. They use story-telling, journaling, and a series of inventories; each section asks the reader to analyze, choose positive patterns, and transfer successes from one area (money) to the other (we... 
Weight: 350 gr
Pages: 185
Published: 01.03.2004
Height: 231 mm
Width: 163 mm
Thickness: 10 mm
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