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Everyday Magic

Author:   Schapera, Vivien
ISBN:   0970980922
Publisher:   FourWinds Academy Press
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Everyday Magic will Strike you in a spiritual sweet spot you probably din'nt know you had. At its core, Schapera's second book is an elegant memoir that traces the lines from an outwardly quiet girlhood in stricken South Africa to the novelty of raising a family around the turn of the millenium in the US. Flowing through that sinple frame come waves of self-discovery syncopating the rhythms of spiritual progress. The result is a concise and pleasing guide to the terrain of veryfay magic, which yields fresh insights upon each erreading. The author provides us with launsch points to further study a variety of disciplines that she has integrated into a seamless and coherent whole. With the Alexander Technique at the core, Schapera shares her discouveries about ...
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Weight: 700 gr
Pages: 262
Edition: Hardback
Published: 01.01.2002
Height: 242 mm
Width: 163 mm
Thickness: 26 mm
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