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The Alexander Technique First Lesson

Author:   Kosminsky, J.ane / Hurt, William
ISBN:   0967433525
Publisher:   The Balance of Well-being
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he Alexander Technique First Lesson
An Introduction to the Alexander Technique with William Hurt and Jane Kosminsky Now a DVD! Special Feature: a newly released interview with William Hurt.

The BALANCE OF WELL-BEING is happy to announce the issue of FIRST LESSON as a DVD. It includes a special feature - an interview with Mr. Hurt that took place during the original shoot, but has not been released until now.

A limited number of copies in their original VHS form are available at this web site.

"The Alexander Technique has helped me to undo knots, unblock energy, and deal with almost paralyzing stage fright."
William Hurt

FIRST LESSON is an introduction to the Alexander Technique. Renowned stage and screen actor William Hurt joins former Paul Taylor dancer and certified Alexander teacher Jane Kosminsky in a pioneer DVD that shows you how to begin a remarkable voyage of discovery. Goal: to live with greater vitality, energy and exuberance.

For over 100 years the Technique has helped performers to look better, breathe better, move better and even bow better. It is a stress free, absolutely portable (no special place, equipment or costume needed) technique that engages the intelligence of mind and body to take you through a life-changing adventure that people from all walks of life can use. Whether you are a dancer or a doorman, a new mother or a grandmother, a cellist or a botanist, this "secret weapon" can be yours.

The video includes a history of F.M. Alexander and explanations about what the Technique is, why it works, how it works and ways in which a beginner can start to use the principles in a series of daily activities. It also includes a complete self-lesson that you do lying down.

Essential viewing for the millions of sufferers of Repetitive Stress Injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and those that are unable to sit or stand for long periods without pain, this informative, 90-minute video offers relief almost immediately. The Alexander Technique (AT) is a full-body system for optimizing movement through subtle changes in body mechanics that, when learned, can be put into daily use. Not exactly exercises, but a re-education of the mind in relation to body movements, AT helps the body release unrecognized tension that results from improper alignments. Created by a Shakespearean actor who had trouble projecting without straining his voice, the Alexander Technique has been used by actors and non-actors for the last fifty years and continues to attract followers. In this program, common, everyday situations are covered including sitting at a desk, lifting bags of groceries, and even driving a car, all enhanced to relieve muscle stress by proper alignment. The program is introduced by Oscar-winning actor William Hurt and his personal AT teacher, Jane Kominsky, who gives an excellent short history of the technique.
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Published: 20.12.2000
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