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Dare to be Wrong - The teaching of Judith Leibowitz

Author:   Leibowitz, Judith
ISBN:   0964435284
Publisher:   Mornum Time Pres
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A book that explores the complexities and wonders of the Alexander Technique through a series of talks by Judith Leibowitz, one of the most influential and renowned teachers. Many of these talks were given at the Juilliard School in New York City. Judy introduced the Alexander Technique to a generation of acting students through her work at Juilliard. These talks capture Judy's ability to make the principles of the Technique accessible to new and experienced students alike.
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Judith Leibowitz was born in Connecticut, was raised and went to school in New York City and received a BA from Brooklyn College. At 15 she had polio, which left most of her leg and hip muscles with minimum functionality. This enduring weakness led her to the Alexander Technique, first as a student, and later, out of necessity, as a teacher. F. Mathias Alexander, Alma Frank, and Lulie Westfeldt were her teachers. In 1964 along with four other teachers, she established the American Center for the...  
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Published: 2007
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