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Voice and the Alexander Technique

Author:   Heirich, Jane
ISBN:   096443525X
Publisher:   Mornum Time Press
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Are you an actor who routinely loses his voice before the end of a run? As a serious student of singing, do you wish those high notes would come more easily? Do you need courage to sing outside the shower?

In this book, designed for both teachers and students of the speaking and singing voice, Jane Heirich addresses some common problem areas of the voice-teaching world: breath management, voice projection, resonance building, ?breaks? in the vocal range, and the relevance of overall poise to vocal output. The step-by-step approach through which she takes the reader allows new skills to develop for both beginning and experienced students/performers.

This book is the culmination of decades of work integrating two approaches that will have a profound impact on your voice, the centuries-old Italian bel canto singing tradition and the FM Alexander Technique.

If you've wondered whether you can improve your voice and enjoy using it more effectively, this is the book for you.
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Book and CD
Illustrated by Jaye Schlesinger
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