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Act of Living

Author:   Carrington, Walter H.M.
ISBN:   0964435233
Publisher:   Mornum Time Press
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I was impressed by Carrington's book which is quite the best description of the Alexander Technique I have ever read, and I think I have read them all.

Robertson Davies, author of The Cunning Man, The Deptford Trilogies, and more than 30 novels, plays and essays.

These short talks are like koans. They present familiar terms, but new meaning turns up with every turn of the words we think we know so well - inhibition, direction, end-gaining, good use. I savored each essay as it pulled me into deep reverie about one of these concepts.

Galen Cranz, Professor, Architecture Dept U.C. Berkley and author of The Chair: Rethinking Culture, Body, and Design.

In the first volume of this wonderful work, Walter Carrington quotes F.M.'s advice to an elderly pupil, Students and teachers of the Alexander Technique can always look forward to reading, and rereading, these talks for the inspring wisdom of the a lifetime.

Michael J. Gelb, author of Body Learning and How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci Walter Carrington's lectures contain 50 years of distilled teaching experience. They not only expound the principles of the Technique simply and clearly but demonstrate them, embody them; they are inhibition and direction in action.

Jean M. O. Fischer, editor of Articles and Lectures, a compilation of articles, published letters and lectures on the F.M. Alexander Technique.

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Published: 15.09.1999
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