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Curiosity Recaptured

Subtitle:   Exploring Ways We Think and Move
Author:   Sontag, Jerry (editor)
ISBN:   0964435225
Publisher:   Mornum Time Press
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The 14 essays in Curiosity Recaptured provide a compelling introduction to the Alexander Technique. Whether you are interested in the performing arts, problem-solving, the field of health, or simply a more satisfying way to live, this book can open the door to a new world. It can change what you notice and how you move.
Readers Comments  
A collection of 14 essays, their common theme is the Technique and that the authors have much experience on their chosen subject. Some essays are:

The Chair Is Where the Body Meets the Environment by Galen Cranz,
Parallel Lives by Edward Avak,
A Two Wheel Essay by Barry Collins (on cycling),
Floating Thoughts by Deborah Caplan,
Before You Leap by Anne Bluethenthal,
Meeting the Unexpected by Mary Holland by Phyllis G. Richmond,
The Actor's Consciousness and the Character's Consciousness by Phyllis G. Richmond,
The Alexander Technique in Childbirth by Ilana Machover,
Born to Sing by Ron Murdock,
Grabbing the Bird by the Tale by Alex Murray (on playing the flute),
Grief by Vivien Schapera,
Together We Walk by Walton L. White (on walking),
Love-40 by Barbara Kent (on tennis),
Beyond Words by Walter Carrington.
Weight: 430 gr
Pages: 238
Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.01.1997
Height: 222 mm
Width: 148 mm
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