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Thinking aloud

Author:   Carrington, Walter H.M.
ISBN:   0964435209
Publisher:   Mornum Time Press
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People imagine that their bodies are disobedient and unreliable in carrying out their wishes, whereas nothing could be further from the truth. - Walter Carrington

Thinking Aloud by Walter Carrington is a book for anyone seriously interested in the Alexander Technique. Walter Carrington is able to make simple some of the more complex challenges facing anyone studying this educational method. The book is full of practical ways of thinking about one's health, the way one lives, and the habitual ways one reacts to their environment.

The 25 talks by one of the foremost teachers in the world lay the foundation for understanding the basic principles of the Alexander Technique, and better applying it to one's daily life.

Thinking Aloud helps the reader better understand the fundamental ways we think and function. Whether one sings or plays a musical instrument, sits at a computer all day, or lifts children in and out of car seats, the underlying themes in this book will be invaluable.
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Weight: 390 gr
Pages: 160
Edition: Hardcover
Published: 01.08.1994
Height: 224 mm
Width: 148 mm
Thickness: 17 mm
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