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Marjorie Barstow: Her Teaching and Training

Author:   Conable, Barbara & Barstow, Marjorie
ISBN:   0962259XXX
Publisher:   Lightning Source Inc.
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The late Marjorie L. Barstow, 1899-1995, was the first graduate of F. M. Alexander's first teacher training course. After spending a number of years as A. R. Alexander's assistant in Boston, she took a furlough in her career as an Alexander teacher. She began to come to prominence as a teacher again in the early 1960's through the efforts of Peter Farrell and others. In the early 1970's she initiated a series of courses in Lincoln, Nebraska, her home. People interested in the Technique flocked to these courses and in time some of the most influential teachers teaching today became her students, people such as Frank Ottiwell, Michael and Lena Frederick, Bruce and Martha Fertman, and Bill and Barbara Conable among many others. Her influence on the growth of the Technique and its pedagogy is
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Published: 01.01.1989
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