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What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body

Subtitle:   The Practical Application of Body Mapping & the Alexander Technique to Making Music
Author:   Conable, Barbara
ISBN:   096225956X
Publisher:   GIA Publicattions Inc.
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The book read by Susan Straton focuses on one aspect of faulty sensory appreciation in its explanation and description of wrong and right body maps. The idea of Ôbody mapping' is that simple, anatomical knowledge, i.e. knowing what is where, will help movement. It is perhaps suitable only for people who are having lessons as the act of inhibiting and directing is given a scant description. A chapter for teachers explains how to help pupils with Ôbody mapping.' It also contains sections for practitioners of various disciplines, e.g. musicians, actors, singers, dancers.

see also: ISBN 0962259551
Readers Comments  
This highly graphic book is designed to prevent injury and pain in music making, by supporting the musician in the acquisition of an accurate and adequate Body Map; including the mapping of one's neck as a means to freeing it, and the mapping of one's spine so that its natural lengthening and gathering is recovered and cultivated. The book has a humorous tone, and is widely used in music studios for high school and college music students. 
Weight: 340 gr
Pages: 101
Edition: Spiral Edition
Published: 01.02.2000
Height: 280 mm
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