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How to Learn the Alexander Technique

Subtitle:   A Manual for Students
Author:   Conable, Barbara & Conable, Ben
ISBN:   0962259543
Publisher:   GIA Music Ed. 6517
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A primer for students of the Alexander Technique, a well-known method for improving freedom and ease of movement and physical coordination. This book provides the first authoritative account of William Conable's concept, Body Mapping, the study of how our ideas about our bodies affect our experience and movement.
This concept is integrated with a lucid explanation of the Alexander Technique that clarifies and simplifies the task of teaching and learning the Technique. The book is also available in audio tape format. There is currently a new edition of the Spanish version of the book being published. While that is happening, there are copies of the old Spanish version available
Readers Comments  
There seems to be a lot of controversy about whether someone can learn the Alexander Technique without a teacher. My own experience started with taking lessons from a teacher, but I've met several people who learned quite a bit on their own - not just learned it intellectually (which doensn't do much good anyway) but also were able to apply what they had learned to improve their posture, coordation and balance in very concrete ways.

"How to Learn the Alexander Technique" is a great starting-out...
Weight: 430 gr
Pages: 168
Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.07.1995
Height: 279 mm
Width: 206 mm
Thickness: 10 mm
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