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Are you a Natural Hatha Yogi?

Author:   Thompson, Ken
ISBN:   095439661X
Publisher:   Wide Eyed Frog Publishing
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Ken Thompson's new book 'Are you a Natural Hatha Yogi?' gives you the insight to find out, once and for all, if you are naturally built for hatha yoga. A few simple tests will quickly indicate if you are gifted with loose ligaments, long limbs, and the right body type. You will then have more positive understanding of your possible potential, enabling you to plan more realistic and achievable goals.
Have you been struggling for years, trying to achieve certain yoga postures?
* Ever wondered why some people new to yoga, are able to do most of the postures very easily?
* Ever thought you don't seem to have the 'right' body for Hatha Yoga?
* After some initial success in the first year of practice, do you find that you have reached a learning plateau?
* Do teachers tell you, "it's just a question of more practice", is this true?
No, it's not true!
What most people know inwardly, and through close observation can see, is that some people have got it all going for them, when it comes to performing yoga postures. These are your Natural Hatha Yogis.
Readers Comments  
"Ken is a very experienced teacher of yoga and the Alexander Technique. This book is the fruit of his experience coupled with study and observation. Ken knows the need for an individual approach to learning and in the section dealing with body types, gives a very helpful guide to each of us assessing what is best for us personally. Using his knowledge of practical anatomy Ken then leads us through the essential preparation needed before practice can safely begin. He also gives a practical check ... 
Weight: 230 gr
Pages: 80
Edition: xx.11.2002
Height: 210 mm
Width: 148 mm
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