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Explaining the Alexander Technique

Subtitle:   The Writings of F. Matthias Alexander
Author:   Carrington, Walter H.M. & Carey, Seán
ISBN:   095435222X
Publisher:   Mouritz
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Alexander's writings are used as a springboard to discuss not only what Alexander meant by certain passages and what he did not mean, but also to answer critics of Alexander and his books. The value of some present-day approaches to teaching is discussed and Mr. Carrington draws on his experiences in evaluating them which he does forthrightly. Alexander's writings are put in their historical context - sometimes with anecdotes - in order to explain the development of the Technique and Alexander's approach. Covers many topics from anatomy to zen, e.g. hands on the back of a chair, the nature of the primary control and the role of words in giving directions.
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Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.12.1992
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