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On The Virtues, Or Having the Experience but Missing the Meaning

Author:   Gorman, David
ISBN:   095319907X
Publisher:   Learning Methods Publications
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We think of patience, honesty, courage, etc. as virtues, that is as characteristics that are good to have. But how often do we find ourselves being the oppositeŅimpatient, dishonest or lacking courage? If these virtues are so good, how come they seem so hard to live? Can one practice a virtue like patience by just trying to 'be' patient? Even if we manage one time, why do we find ourselves right back in the same difficulty again? Or is there more going on here than meets the eye? David shows another way of looking at these experiences that not only makes sense of them, but removes the 'problem' and the 'wrong' from them.
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Pages: 12
Edition: Booklet
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