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Whatever You´re Doing Now You Can Do It Better!

Subtitle:   Your guide to the Alexander Technique
Author:   Taylor, Anthony James
ISBN:   0952632047
Publisher:   Gil Books
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Psycho-Physical Unity
going to work on the cause The Use of Reason
keeping an open mind Prevention
as if we were well-made From One Extreme to Another
mistaking effects for causes Feelings are Unreliable
on not using feelings as a guide Fixed, Preconceived Ideas
paradigms, preconceptions and prejudice
The Most Effective Way
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Publisher Comments:
The author uses simple explanations, amusing anecdotes, beautiful photographs and entertaining stories to illustrate ten timeless principles for on-going and lasting improvement in everything you do. Inspired by the teachings of FM Alexander (originator of the Alexander Technique), this remarkable book will take you on a journey towards fulfilling all of your potentiali
Weight: 410 gr
Pages: 238
Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.01.2004
Height: 216 mm
Width: 171 mm
Thickness: 20 mm
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