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The Philosopher´s Stone

Subtitle:   Diaries of Lessons with F. Matthias Alexander
Author:   Alexander, F. Matthias / Fischer, Jean M. O.
ISBN:   0952557487
Publisher:   Mouritz, London
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These contemporary diaries of lessons with Alexander consist of: "The Philosopher's Stone" - a review from 1919 of Alexander's Man's Supreme Inheritance by the American historian James Harvey Robinson. It introduces Alexander and his technique. Diary of My Lessons in the Alexander Technique by Eva Webb describes one lesson with Alexander and several with his assistant teachers in 1947 - she had hers mainly from Irene Stewart. "The Diaries of Frank and Grace Hand" record their lessons with Alexander in 1942 in New York. "Recording of a Miracle" by Mrs. Buchanan, edited by Louise Morgan, is from the early 1950s. The first part of "The Journal of Sir George Trevelyan" introduces Alexander and his technique. The second part form 1936-37 records Alexander's instructions to his
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Weight: 390 gr
Pages: 110
Edition: Hardback
Published: 01.01.1998
Height: 215 mm
Width: 138 mm
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