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F. Matthias Alexander: The Man and his Work (1964)

Subtitle:   Memoirs of Training in the Alexander Technique 1931-34
Author:   Westfeldt, Lulie
ISBN:   0952557428
Publisher:   Mouritz, London
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Memoirs of Training in the Alexander Technique 1931-34 by Lulie Westfeldt
Lulie Westfeldt was the only teacher from F. M. Alexander's first teacher training course to write extensively about her experiences both as a student and as a teacher of the Technique.
She studied with Alexander for four years (1931-34) and taught the Technique for 26 years. As well as providing an authentic and critical account of Alexander's teaching Lulie Westfeldt explains the fundamental
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Weight: 280 gr
Pages: 176
Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.02.1998
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