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Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual

Subtitle:   With an introduction by John Dewey and a new introduction by Marjory Barlow.
Author:   Alexander, F. Matthias
ISBN:   095193046X
Publisher:   STAT Books
status:   unknown
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Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual, published in 1923, was Alexander's second book. Once again Alexander sets out his understanding of his discoveries and their implications. His preoccupation is that humans have all developed poor use of
themselves and that they can only address this and improve their use by developing a conscious awareness of what they are doing. The theme that links the sections of the book is "sensory appreciation". According to Alexander a consequence of our
misuse is that our sensory appreciation is debauched. Our unreliable sensory appeciation is both the result and the cause of our further decline. Only by a process of re-education.
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With an introduction by John Dewey and a new introduction by Marjory Barlow. This is the text of the 1946 edition. [204 pages, pbs, 156 x 234mm, 1997 (1923), STAT Books 
Weight: 240 gr
Pages: 204
Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.07.1997
Height: 215 mm
Width: 140 mm
Thickness: 16 mm
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