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The Foundations of Human Well-Being

Subtitle:   and The Work of Professor Magnus and the F. Matthias Alexander Technique
Author:   Carrington, Walter H.M.
ISBN:   0951930427
Publisher:   STAT Books
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The Foundations of Human Well-Being is subtitled "A Comparative Study of the Work of F. Matthias Alexander and Dr. G. E. Coghill on the Physiology of Human and Animal Behavior." Coghill (1872-1941) makes a distinction between a "total pattern" and a "partial pattern" of an organism's behavior, the partial pattern reacting within and subject to the total pattern of an organism's response. Total pattern integrates partial patterns - reflex actions which, if not co-ordinated, could interfere with each other and lead to conflict within theorganism. Walter Carrington argues that the Alexander's Technique is seen conscious way of co-ordinating partial patterns, thereby avoiding internal behavioral conflict - a prerequisite for well-being.
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Published: 01.08.1994
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