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The Authorized Summaries of F.M. Alexander

Subtitle:   Man´s Supreme Inheritance, Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual, the Use of the Self and the Universal Constant in Living
Author:   Alexander, F. Matthias / Brown, Ron
ISBN:   0951930400
Publisher:   STAT Books
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These summaries were made in the late 1940s by a journalist and pupil of the Technique, Ron Brown. They were to be included in a book which unfortunately was never finished. As the summaries were read and approved by Alexander they can be regarded as providing an accurate chapter-by-chapter summary of all his books. Sometimes this condensed form omits stages in Alexander's arguments, and by themselves the conclusions appear dogmatic. However, most of the time the abbreviated, forthright approach clarifies many points, crystallizes the reasoning behind the arguments, and brings out the full force of Alexander's practice and theory. [148 pages, pb, illustrated, 156x234mm, 1992, STAT Books
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Weight: 415 gr
Pages: 151
Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.10.1992
Height: 233 mm
Width: 155 mm
Thickness: 14 mm
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