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The Alexander Technique as I see it

Author:   Macdonald, Patrick
ISBN:   0951507206
Publisher:   Sussex Academic Press (Alpha Press)
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This book explains Alexander's discovery, discusses how the Technique is taught, and describes the steps necessary to learning and mastering the Technique, including: "Direction and Movement", "Getting a Pupil's Head to Go Forward and Up", and "Giving Directions, Doing and Non-Doing". It is essential reading for teachers and students alike.
By practicing the Alexander Technique you will keep your body healthy, and mentally and physically efficient. It will provide you with a spiritual calm and confidence that makes living a pleasure. Good health is priceless, and the Alexander Technique lays the best possible foundation for good health.
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Weight: 250 gr
Pages: 262
Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.01.2002
Height: 216 mm
Width: 138 mm
Thickness: 10 mm
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