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Constructive Awareness

Subtitle:   Alexander Technique and the Spiritual Quest
Author:   McGowan, Daniel
ISBN:   094391485X
Publisher:   Larson Publications
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Here's what some have called "a cup of water in the desert of theory" for many spiritual seekers. McGowan develops his perception of how the body's "here and now" can catalyze the development spiritual awareness. His method combines Alexander Technique with the Ramana Maharshi/Paul Brunton (mentalistic) perspective on spiritual practice. The author's key main concern is to explain and explore how the proper head-neck-back relationship heightens moment-to-moment awareness of the unity of mind-body-world, along with many ways in which a pain-free body can be a springboard for attaining high spiritual aspirations.
Readers Comments  
Here is water in the desert of theory for many spiritual seekers-- how to use the body's "here and now" to enhance spiritual awareness. Daniel McGowan focuses on how the proper head-neck-back relationship heightens our moment-to-moment awareness of the unity of mind-body-world.
Book Description
A solid, vitalizing basis for combining inner freedom and effective altruistic action in the everyday world.
Weight: 170 gr
Pages: 111
Edition: Paperback
Published: 12.11.1997
Height: 215 mm
Width: 141 mm
Thickness: 10 mm
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