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The Body of Life

Subtitle:   Creating new Pathways for Sensory Awareness and Fluid Movement
Author:   Hanna, Thomas
ISBN:   0892814810
Publisher:   Healing Arts Press
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This is a clear, easy-to-read introduction to the body-mind theory behind Hanna's "Somatics" system, and how the system works in practice. The anecdotes he tells are engaging, and I especially liked his insistence that the process is a collaboration: the practitioner isn't a "healer" so much as a teacher, and healing takes place because the sufferer re-learns how to use the forgotten parts of his/her body.
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Weight: 330 gr
Pages: 224
Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.05.1993
Height: 209 mm
Width: 137 mm
Thickness: 16 mm
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