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The Alexander Technique, How to Use Your Body Without Stress

Author:   Barlow, Wilfred & Tinbergen, Nikolaas
ISBN:   0892813857
Publisher:   Inner Traditions International, Limited,
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F.M. Alexander was the first to master and teach the secret of successful body dynamics -- balanced physical use of the body with minimum stress and tension. Another look at the Alexander Technique. This book was probably responsible for instigating the interest the Alexander Technique has enjoyed since the 1970's.
Dr Barlow was a consultant rhuematologist and had trained as a doctor previous to his training in the Alexander Technique. The writing style and the approach is influenced by Dr. Barlows medical background so some might find the reading a bit dry. Saying that, this is still one of the best and most informative books around.
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The Alexander Technique, a revolutionary method of bodywork pioneered by the late F.M. Alexander, provides the key to successful body dynamics. Now, in this updated and revised edition, Wilfred Barlow's classic guide to Alexander's work explores every phase of the technique.
Weight: 322 gr
Pages: 237
Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.04.1991
Height: 210 mm
Width: 137 mm
Thickness: 29 mm
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