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Beyond Stanislavsky

Subtitle:   A Psycho-Physical Approach to Actor Training - Theatre Arts
Author:   Merlin, Bella
ISBN:   0878301437
Publisher:   Routledge, Theatre Arts Book
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About the Author
Bella Merlin is a professional actor and a teacher of actor-training, principally at the University of Birmingham. She promotes regular Summer Schools in psycho-physical acting featuring Russian practitioners.

Book Description
Beyond Stanislavsky takes the reader through a course in the new system, complete with exercises. Infused with the author's personal experience this is never a set of dry instructions, but a vital engagement with Stanislavsky's mature ideas on actor training.
Readers Comments  
Customer First of all, it should be pointed out that this excellent manual adhers to the principles of the Royal Ballet School in London. Many different aspects are being dealt with, for instance "The importance of stance", "Comments on the teaching of boys", "Physical factors". One very useful chapter is called "The development of children with youthful skeletal age". This book is aimed at teachers of beginners and intermediate students and they ought to study it carefully. It is very amply ill... 
Weight: 400 gr
Pages: 288
Edition: Hardcover
Published: 23.05.2001
Height: 220 mm
Width: 140 mm
Thickness: 25 mm
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