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The complete Book of Massage

Subtitle:   A comprehensive guide to massage techniques aith clear step-by-step instructions
Author:   Maxwell-Hudson, Clare
ISBN:   086318281X
Publisher:   Dorling Kindersley, London
status:   in stock, used
Price:   9,90 Euro  = 13,57 USD = 7,03 GBP
= 16,6 CHF = 17,97 AUD
Cover missing
Photography by Sandra Lousada
Readers Comments  
am currently enjoying this book, for a beginner like me it's great there are plenty of pictures to show you what you should be doing and such, I only have one complaint... I have a bad back and it does not show you how to do these massages without hurting your own back while doing them. Perhaps I am doing something wrong I don't know.  
Weight: 600 gr
Pages: 144
Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.01.1990
Height: 275 mm
Width: 217 mm
Thickness: 12 mm
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